User Persona Template

Figma Community – Template


I have created a fully customizable and adaptable User Persona template for the Figma Community, which is available in various formats for easy use and implementation.


No Client – Free template for Figma Community


Product Designer

Revising and adapting a personal project

As part of a personal project, I needed to create a persona on Figma. To enhance its usefulness, I designed the file to be fully adaptable and included features such as auto-layout and multiple formats. As a result, I was able to share this template with others on the Figma Community for free.

A customizable template
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This customizable template includes various formats such as a 16:9 screen size, 16″ MacBook Pro, A4 and A3 paper sizes, making it suitable for a range of use cases. It features “local styles” which allow you to easily customize it to fit your brand’s identity.
In addition to the fully editable versions, it also includes blank versions that can be printed and filled out by hand for use in workshops or other settings.
To help you make the most of the template, it also includes a user manual that provides step-by-step instructions for using and modifying it as needed.

Visuals for communication purposes

I have also created a series of visuals that showcase the project on LinkedIn and Instagram to help spread the word about it.

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