Good Ways Of Life

Mobile Video Game


Mobile video game designed in agency (Mediatools), inspired by the famous campaign (video and game) Dumb Ways To Die (Melbourne metro).

This is a set of 6 repeating mini-games with increasing difficulty.
Game commissioned by the League Against Cancer.


for La Ligue Contre le Cancer (French association against cancer)
by Mediatools (Toulouse agency)


Project Manager

Compromised project to successful delivery

A project started in cascade methodology which, following internal and external difficulties, ended months late.
A team made up of 2 developers, a graphic designer/animator, a sound designer and a project manager.

My part in this project

Project manager

I integrated the project when it was already months late, the initial project manager could no longer continue working on it.
My role was to take over the position of project manager, to refocus and restart the project.

The project was carried out using a waterfall methodology, but the deadlines having been exceeded, I chose to switch to an agile methodology.

By taking charge of certain tasks myself, I launched a new dynamic. I redefined the main objectives and the specific roles of each. I set achievable short-term goals, forming sprints, setting up daily meetings with the team.
This created a frame around the development of the project which became the new foundation of the project lifecycle.

Quick UX Design

And the users ?

Before my arrival on the project, few tests had been carried out, due to other priorization.
So I set up user, technical and difficulty tests, which made it possible to rebalance the game, make it more ergonomic and correct technical bugs.

I also had the game tested by potential external users, in order to be able to refine the interfaces around their expectations and remove certain obstacles.

4 screens large