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As part of my work as a UX &UI Designer at AKKA Technologies, I had to design professional software allowing to design technical drawing boards for a specific engineering sector.
It is a complex software, made up of many tools, managed in the form of “widgets”, being used by different professions.
Texts and images in screens have been modified so as not to disclose confidential information.


for Airbus (Airbus Commercial Aircraft)
by AKKA Technologies


Lead Product Designer

Industrial design

A complex software for professional use, by various trades.

My part in this project

Lead Product Design

Upon review the users and their work environment, I defined a persona, a user journey map and wireframes, which then allowed me to develop a high-fidelity model as well as an animated prototype (for a customer demonstration) .

The interface is inspired by complex creation software, with a lot of features, such as After Effects.

We maximised freedom of user for the to rearange the display of the various tooling to their need, this meant having custom bars that can be modulated for example.
The user can arrange his workspace as he wishes, in order to correspond to the tasks at hand.

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