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Solipopote is a project that allows companies to recycle unsold food from their company canteens, by offering anti-waste doggy bag to their employees.
Solipopote is a project created by 5 people:
Anna Larnicol, Marion Montailler, Anaëlle Faleyras, Christopher De Paola and myself.


Entrepreneurial project realized during the Gobelins course.


Project Manager
Product Designer & Researcher

A complete project

Solipopote consists of several platforms: a showcase site, a management web application, a mobile application, communication templates (print and digital). The project was considered as a whole, UX research was done, prototypes, tests, etc., but not only, we also established the legal, administrative, accounting, communication, and other aspects.

A showcase site
See more of the project

You can access the Solipopote showcase site (in French) through the link below, which I designed based on a mockup page by Anna Larnicol.
On this site you will find all the information you need to understand how the project works.

My part in this project

Project management, research & product design

On the project management part, my work was focused on the logistics, legal, financial and communication part.
One of my missions was to establish a financial plan over 3 years in order to estimate the structural costs and to be able to seek funding accordingly. Another was to define a legal framework for Solipopote’s intervention and to specify the advantages for us of the legal constraints to which our customers are subject.

Concerning research, I helped by preparing interview grids, or by conducting user interviews.

On the design parts, my work was to conceive communication templates to be provided to customers of the solution as well as part of Solipopote’s communication (website, newsletters, poster, some mock-ups, LinkedIn page). 

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