Job to Go

Mobile app – Web app


Job to Go is a platform to help young people in the search for an internship or a work-study program.
Composed of a mobile app and a web application, the purpose is to give students a kit to organize themselves and facilitate their research.


Personnal project realized during Digital Campus course.
Ongoing project.


Project Manager
UX Researcher

A personal project

Job To Go is a personal project that I lead as Project Director and UX Designer.
Currently unfinished, I have been working on the user experience part for several months.
My goal is to create a simple, ergonomic and accessible solution for students looking for a contract.

Personas and user journey
Know and understand the users

I was a student when this project started, being in the same situation as the future users, I could better access their needs but because everyone is different I felt I needed multiple views on the subject.
So I interviewed many students, carried out a lot of questionnaires, designed workshops, in order to be able to define personas and user journey maps closer to potential users of the service.

After extensive quantitative and qualitative research, UX documentation as close as possible to users was produced.
You will find on this page a small part of this documentation.


Group 127
Lead the project

Financial and logistical Challenges

Designing this project is a challenge in terms of its management.
Due to its BtoC aspect (solution for students) and its BtoB aspect (management service for training advisers in schools), the overlapping of different issues from various users is complicated to deal with.

Added to this is a complex financial management due to a business model based on a free service for students and a unitary subscription for schools.

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